The main studio re-fit is now complete.   Click here to see the photos


Just putting the final touches to a huge production music project. Watch this space for release date and details.

Our Programming Suite  is now fitted with Adam AX7 Monitors and Altiverb 7.

Delighted to announce tie-up with composer agency "The Composer Works" at Media City.


After 4 years of development we are delighted to announce the release of :

The BBC Production Music  - ORCHESTRAL TOOLKIT

Click to be taken to the UPPM website


Spent the first half of December pitching for a really exiting new Children's programme.  Fingers Crossed !!



We are excited to announce that we have been chosen to compose the music for the major new  

Sesame Workshop / BBC production "The Furchester Hotel" 








Just finished the theme tune for a new show - "Ultimate Brain"  produced by double BAFTA winner - Steve Ryde.

Starting work on the score and incidentals for "The Furchester Hotel".  A busy summer ahead.

Also writing a piece of dramatic Orchestral Music for an American Zoo !!

Putting the finishing touches to writing the songs for The Furchester and recording the cast singing.

Writing some pre-filming music for Series 2 of the brilliant " Let's Play " produced by Kid's TV "Midas", Driana Jones.

Also pitched for another TV show. This one would be great fun to do - Fingers Crossed.    


Completely occupied on The Furchester Hotel music. 

Lots of cast recording at the Media City Studios and late night writing sessions. This show is going to be a sensation 


As well as The Furchester, we've been writing songs for "Mister Maker Live 2014 " 

Also spent a week in Las Vegas and LA giving talks and presentations about The BBC Orchestral Toolkit.






Up to our ears writing score for the Furchester.  Have seen a few off-lines of episodes.  It looks stunning.

Orchestral Toolkit video on YouTube racks up 3800 hits - not bad for a specilist product.

Mind you - it has some way to go to match the 26 million that this one has had. If we had a pound for every time.........


Gone to the beach. In our absence, one of our songs from "I Can Cook" has been arranged for Orchestra and played

at the Cbeebies Prom at the Albert Hall. 


Back from the beach and starting scoring 26  more episodes for series 2 of Let's play.

The Furchester Hotel hits the screens on 26th September on Cbeebies - Elmo and Cookie hae been promoting it on...

Woman's Hour, Radio 5, BBC News and even Newsnight. C O O O O O K I E E E - Num Num  !!!

Having great fun scoring  Let's Play.  Once again we are also providing SFX / Foley as well as music.

We have also started working on the next phase of  The BBC Production Music ORCHESTRAL TOOLKIT

Pitched for a couple of new shows. Fingers crossed.